Equipment Appraisal Services

James G. Murphy Co. has been conducting appraisals since 1970.

In the last five years we have conducted over 800 appraisals with a value in excess of 500 Million Dollars.

We have three primary appraisers on our staff all with at least twenty years of appraisal experience. Our experience as auctioneers and appraisers helps us provide accurate appraisals. In many cases when we complete an appraisal we continue to work with the customer as an auctioneer. As appraisers and auctioneers, we have instant feedback for comparison purposes as we auction many items that we appraise. Auction values are a very valuable monitoring tool. Our appraisers often refer to current auction values to ensure that our appraisals match current market conditions.

The type of equipment we appraise includes the following:

For more information regarding our appraisal services, please contact:

Outside Auctions & Appraisals
Tim Murphy — President
(425) 486-1246

Construction & Transportation Equipment

Todd Meyers — V.P./Kenmore Manager
Sales, Appraisals & Evaluations
(206) 799-1487

Wood Products/Oregon Office

Andy Taylor — Oregon Area Manager
Appraisals & Evaluations
(503) 463-4444

Real Estate
Julie Murphy-Rice
(425) 486-1246

"...I was amazed at how realistic your predictions were regarding auction results. In market conditions like they are I was not sure what to expect. Although as a seller we may never be happy with the number, you called it like you saw it. I do appreciate that.  Your staff is amazing. They handled the details with great care and had the knowledge to process even the items that had strings attached.  Again, Thank you! You made the decision to downsize a bit more tolerable than I thought possible."
- Tom Walrath Jr.,  Walrath Trucking