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  Benefits of Registration:

  - Kenmore auction results
  - Email notifications of new auctions & catalogs
  - Ability to leave advanced bids


How To Sell

Sell your equipment with the James G. Murphy Co.

The James G Murphy Co. can meet your auction needs, whether you are selling one item at our auction facility or holding a complete sale at your site. All of our live auctions are conducted on a NO MINIMUM – NO RESERVE basis. This policy generates a strong contingent of satisfied repeat buyers and results in a greater dollar return for our consigners.

We invite the public to contact us about all consignments big or small.


Founded by James G. Murphy in 1970, we’ve conducted thousands of unreserved auctions throughout North America. We are recognized by Turn Arounds & Workouts as one of the top ten grossing auctioneers in the country. Our 40-person staff includes twelve individuals with 20+ years of auction experience, experience that allows us to understand our marketplace. Our staff knows our customers, the equipment market, and, most importantly, we know how to present your equipment in its best possible light.


All of our auctions are promoted with a custom advertising plan which targets thousands of potential buyers. Our marketing capabilities include online, email, catalogues, trade publications, regional newspapers, radio, and television. On our website, we pride ourselves in posting photos, videos, and detailed descriptions of each item. In the past three years, murphyauction.com has seen a 52% year-over-year increase in page views. We also mail tens of thousands of full-color auction brochures for each industrial auction. Our proprietary mailing list allows us to select a group of known auction buyers from our database. Each auction we increase and customize our target audience, by doing the we continue to grow our customer base.

Pre-Auction Advantage

In addition to more than a 100 offsite auctions each year, we conduct six auctions at our ten-acre facility in Washington State. Details can effect an item’s value, we take care to ensure that properties, facilities, equipment and merchandise are presented in the best light possible. To meet our high standards we clean, paint, or coordinate repairs. We also take the time to prepare and organize the auction site, displaying each item for maximum appeal.

Live and Online – MurphyLIVE!

To reach even more buyers, we offer the convenience of live, online bidding through MurphyLIVE! our specialized system. Qualified buyers participate in real time from around the globe. Created by our IT department, MurphyLIVE! gives us a high level of control and flexibility without outside complications. This service has been crucial in expending our market to Asia, Europe, India, Mexico, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia and South America. When you sell through the James G. Murphy Co., you are not dependent on the local area or industry. MurphyLIVE allows for more buyers and a greater return on your consignment.

Contract options

All of our customers have unique needs and priorities. Some have one item to sell, others are retiring and selling everything. Whatever your situation, we can tailor a contract and auction proposal to meet your needs. Most of our customers choose our straight commission contracts, but we also offer guarantee and outright purchase contract options.

Peace of mind

All of these benefits combine to give you peace of mind. When you sell with James G. Murphy Co., you can be confident that you’re working with an experienced auction company that has a proven track record of delivering results. Contact us and find out how we can help you today.


Onsite Auctions

The James G, Murphy Co. conducts nearly 100 on-site auctions annually. The on-site sales are handled buy our specialized staff that has over 60 years of combined auction experience. It is our experience that 90% of an auction takes place before auction day. A major part of that effort is the pre-sale preparation of equipment or merchandise. We take great care to arrange and display sale items in a manner chosen to give our clients the greatest presentation possible. Other preparations may include painting and repairing of equipment and even cleaning floors or whatever may be needed to present a product in its most marketable condition. We provide these and other basic services to increase the value of each auction.

Our Seattle area auction facility

The James G. Murphy Co. conducts six Contractors' Auctions per year at our 10 acre equipment yard in Kenmore, Washington, just north of Seattle. These auctions include heavy construction equipment, heavy trucks, trailers, vehicles, recreational vehicles, and tools. Our Kenmore auctions serve contractors, government agencies, phone companies, power companies, private companies, and individual consignors. Our drive-through heavy equipment & vehicle auction, along with two rings of contractor’s tools, provides the buyers with an exciting auction experience and allows us to maximize the amount of equipment auctioned in a day. In addition to the heavy equipment and vehicle auctions, we also conduct several other types of auctions at our facility each year, including office equipment, police seizures, restaurant equipment and other merchandise.

Oregon office/Forest Products Division

James G. Murphy also has an office in Keizer, OR, near Salem. This office is the headquarters of our forest products division. The Keizer location also provides on-site auction and appraisal services to our customers throughout North America.


Depending on the type of business or equipment you are selling, please contact the appropriate representative from our contact list below:


Tim Murphy — President
(425) 486-1246


Todd Meyers — V.P./Kenmore Manager
Sales, Appraisals & Evaluations
(206) 799-1487


(425) 486-1246


Andy Taylor — Oregon Area Manager
Appraisals & Evaluations
(503) 463-4444


Julie Murphy-Rice
(425) 486-1246