Sawmill & Woodworking Services

JGM offers more than 100 years combined experience and is one of the most respected teams in the industry.

- This extensive knowledge of the industry gives us the confidence to manage a wide range of projects.
- We cover the entire wood products industry, from a whole round log to a finished cabinet and from logging equipment to sawmills to Co-Gen plants.
- Since 2000, we have completed more than 800 wood products industry auctions and appraisals.
- Our comprehensive USPAP appraisals provide detailed documentation and valuation of assets.

- A JGM representative is onsite weeks prior to the auction to organize and clean the site as well as prepare all equipment for auction.
- Following auction day, a JGM representative stays on location to manage auction purchase removal.

- The James G. Murphy Company also has a long history of providing appraisals for Wood Products related machinery and equipment.
- Cabinetry & Furniture Plants to Large & Small Log Sawmills, Plywood Mills, Veneer Plants, Reman Plants, Cedar & Redwood Lumber, Treating Plants, Oriented Strand Board Mills, Pellet Mills, Co-Gen Plants and Logging.