About Us


Founded in 1970 by James G. Murphy, the James G. Murphy Co. has built a solid reputation of success based on a commitment to service, a high standard of professionalism, and the belief that 90% of an auction takes place before the sale. With an average of 100 auctions conducted a year, the James G. Murphy Company has the advantage.


From a single item selling at one of our regularly scheduled consignment auctions to liquidating entire manufacturing facilities, we have a proven record of success. We understand the needs of businesses both large and small and are experienced in working with financial institutions, attorneys, and government agencies. We are also able to provide a complete appraisal service and the ability to conduct liquidations sales when an auction is not the most feasible method of sale. It has been our experience that auctions are a way of letting the marketplace determine the value of an item. Our experience has also shown us that bidders need to feel at ease and unrestricted in their bidding. The surest way to provide the perfect bidding environment is to operate auctions on a no minimum - no reserve basis. This policy generates a strong contingent of satisfied repeat buyers and results in a greater dollar return for our consignors.
As we have suggested, 90% of an auction takes place before auction day. A major part of that effort is the pre-sale preparation of equipment or merchandise. It benefits both the seller and the buyer for us to have an understanding of the merchandise we are dealing with, and to be sure it has been put in the best possible condition for the sale. We take great care to arrange and display sale items in a manner chosen to give our clients the greatest presentation possible. Other preparations may include painting and repairing of equipment and even cleaning floors or whatever may be needed to present a product in its most marketable condition. We provide these and other basic services to increase the value of each auction.


The James G. Murphy Company is headquartered in Marysville, WA, just north of Seattle. Our 6-acre equipment yard and auction warehouse are ideal for machinery and vehicle auctions. Conducted six times a year (approximately every 8 weeks), our Marysville auctions serve contractors, government agencies, phone companies, power companies, and distributors. Our  online equipment auctions along with our contractor’s tools auctions provide buyers with an exciting auction experience and allows us to maximize the amount of equipment auctioned in a day. In addition to the vehicle and contractor auctions we also conduct several other types of auctions at our facility each year. Those auctions include office equipment, police seizures, restaurant equipment, and other merchandise.
James G. Murphy also has an office in Keizer, OR, near Salem. This office is the headquarters of our forest products division.
The Keizer location also provides auction and appraisal services to our customers throughout North America.
Outside auctions make up 80% of our auctions. These outside sales are handled by our specialized staff which has over 60 years of combined auction experience. Our staff organizes, cleans, and prepares the items at each site specifically to take advantage of each auction.


Providing qualified buyers is an area of special pride to the James G. Murphy Company and it's something we don't leave to chance. Our award-winning advertising department goes to great lengths to thoroughly promote our auctions well in advance of the sale. To accomplish this, our staff will develop a custom advertising program for every auction, including an illustrated brochure that is distributed to known auction buyers. We also target trade publications, newspapers, radio, television and social media; this specific media mix is determined by the type of buyers we are trying to reach and the type of merchandise we have for sale. In addition, we also will advertise on our website: www.murphyauction.com. We update the site daily to keep our buyers from around the world informed and ready to bid!